Responsibilities, help, fencing and hedges and about your garden and outside space of your home.

  • About your garden and outside space

    It is your responsibility to manage and maintain your garden. 

    We take a reasonable and fair approach to dealing with untidy gardens and we take necessary enforcement action against tenants who do not maintain their garden.

    We take action when we see:

    • Overgrown vegetation
    • Unauthorised alterations, e.g. car hard standings and removal of hedgerows
    • Inappropriate storage materials, e.g. car parts, furniture, white goods, kept in gardens driveways or ginnels
    • Animal faeces and pet debris left in gardens
  • Do you need help with your garden?

    Some tenants are unable to maintain or work on their gardens themselves

    We offer a subsidised basic gardening service (with a yearly admin fee of £50) to older and disabled tenants.

    You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Concessionary Gardening Service:

    • 70 or over and you do not have anyone aged 16 or over living in your home, or any family members living within a three mile radius
    • 69 or younger AND you receive standard level PIP payments or Attendance Allowance (or middle or high rate DLA), AND you do not have anyone aged 16 or over living in your home, or family members living within a three mile radius

     You will not be eligible for the service if:

    • You have not signed a Southway tenancy agreement
    • Your rent account is in arrears over £450
    • There is an active ASB complaint against you
    • You have applied for Right to Buy or Right to Acquire with the Trust
    • Your Gas Service or Electrical Pet Test are overdue

     Please read the qualifying criteria carefully and if you feel you are eligible for the Service, fill in this form and return it to us at the office or by emailing a signed copy to, along with the PIP, ESA or Attendance Allowance award letters as proof 

  • Fences & Hedges

    We do not have a legal responsibility to repair your hedges and fences.

    What does our policy say?

    • Broadly, we do not have a legal responsibility to provide fencing.
    • We will not remove hedging to replace with fencing.
    • We will not deploy new fencing, or repair existing fencing unless it is fencing that has already been provided by the Trust 
    • We will look at plants or hedging as options, and not just consider fencing as the only option.
    • There are some limited exceptional circumstances where we may decide to repair or renew fencing – but these are the exception and not the norm.
    • We will let you know whether or not the work you want can be done, and if so, when it will be done. If it can't be done we will tell you why.