Board and Committee Members are volunteers. Some of these are Southway tenants, some are nominated by Manchester City Council, and some are independent members appointed to provide specific expertise. Appointments to the governance structure are skills-based, within a constituency-based membership framework.

Our Executive Group puts the plans and strategies of the Southway Board into practice. This is all supported by the work of other tenant and resident groups like the Tenant Scrutiny Panel and Resident Consultative Group.

Below you can read about the members within our structure and their areas of responsibility:

  • Board Members

    Southway Housing Trust Parent Board

    Southway Housing Trust Parent Board has overall responsibility for Southway's direction and activities and for financial management, development and investment decisions. It sets Southway's vision and objectives, and establishes strategies and frameworks for the delivery of these. The Parent Board delegates powers and activities to its Committees, and sets the frameworks within which they must operate.

    Southway DevCo Board

    Southway DevCo Board is a subsidiary which carries out development activities.

    Southway Plus Board

    Southway Plus Board is a subsidiary that carries out commercial activities.

    Clare Tostevin

    Parent Board Chair; Remuneration Committee Member

    Clare is a Chair of the Parent Board and a member of the Remuneration Committee.

    Chair since 2020, she joined the Board in April 2016, having previously served on a Commercial Advisory Panel for Southway.

     Clare is Director of Communities at a Greater Manchester Social Landlord, where she has been a part of the Executive Group since 2008 . She has substantial experience in public, private and regulatory bodies, which has helped her to develop strong leadership skills and an ability to see the bigger picture.

    Tony Powell

    Parent Board Vice Chair, Audit & Risk Chair, Remuneration Committee Member

    Tony is Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee as well as a Member of the Parent Board and the Remuneration Committee. He joined Southway in September 2018.

    Tony has over 40 years' experience of working in the social housing sector, retiring in March 2019

    As the Deputy Chief Executive of a large North West social housing provider, he was responsible for delivering the strategic direction of the group and monitoring performance. Tony was also lead executive for various boards, ensuring compliance, development, housing management and new commercial business. He has extensive experience and provides scrutiny and challenge across all functions of the Trust.

    Memuna Bangura

    Parent Board Member, People & Places Chair, Remuneration Committee Chair, Southway DevCo Member

    Memuna is the Chair of the People and Places Committee, The Chair of the Remuneration Committee and a Member of the Parent Board and the Southway DevCo Board. She joined Southway in 2013.

    Memuna is a Southway tenant, living in the Chorlton Park area, and feels it is important for tenants to be involved in decision making. She works as a homelessness Project Officer for another social housing provider and previously worked as a legal advisor. Whilst on Southway's Board, she has completed courses in housing management and leadership and management skills, and has a good understanding of the policy changes that are affecting Southway.

    Nicki Buckley

    Parent Board Member; Southway Plus Chair, Southway DevCo Member

    Nicki is a Member of the Parent Board, Southway DevCo and the Southway Plus Board Chair. She joined Southway in September 2019.

    Nicki is a qualified ACCA accountant and has worked in finance for over 15 years, having gained a wealth of experience from a variety of industries and organisations. Her early career working in the private sector equipped her with well-developed business partnering skills and a commercial mind. Since moving into the housing sector, she has been responsible for the technical finance and tax affairs of a large housing group for over 5 years, leading on their external audits and gaining solid financial statutory, tax and regulatory experience in housing.

    She is looking forward to contributing to the delivery of Southway’s corporate priorities, using her commercial and housing experience to challenge effectively.

    Councillor Gavin White

    Parent Board Member, Audit & Risk Committee Member

    Gavin is a Member of the Parent Board and the Audit and Risk Committee. 

    He joined Southway in September 2018.

    Gavin is a Labour Councillor for Old Moat, one of Southway’s core areas, and his engagement with residents has given him an in depth understanding of the local housing and community issues affecting our tenants. His experience in the charity sector and local government has allowed him to develop skills in governance, scrutiny and policy development. Gavin has lived in Old Moat for over 20 years and is active with local groups such as Friends of Old Moat Park, Withington Civic Society and Old Moat Primary School, who all partner with Southway Housing in the Old Moat and Withington area.

    Steve Wilson

    Parent Board Member

    Steve is a Member of the Parent Board. 

    Steve is the Treasurer of Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the acting Executive Lead – Finance & Investment for Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

    Steve has worked in public sector finance for 25 years having started his career on the NHS Graduate Financial Management Training Scheme in 1996.

    He worked in a variety of roles across the NHS including Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive for Wirral Community NHS Trust and Director of Financial Control for NHS England nationally.

    Steve moved from the NHS to regional government in December 2019 taking up the role of Treasurer for GMCA. This role includes overseeing the finances of the combined authority including Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and the offices of the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Deputy Mayor for Police, Crime and Fire.

    Steve is a Director of Transport for Greater Manchester and a Trustee for St Ann’s Hospice.

    He lives in Manchester with his wife and two teenage children. He is an avid (and regularly disappointed) Derby County fan.

    Mark Taylor

    Parent Board Member, Southway DevCo Member, Southway Plus Member

    Mark is a Member of the Parent Board, the Southway DevCo Board and Southway Plus. He joined Southway in April 2016.

    Mark is the founder and Commercial and Finance Director of a South Manchester based residential property business, which delivers new build homes and provides an accommodation solution for young professionals. He is a qualified accountant with broad executive and financial experience in the NHS and the private sector. He brings commercial expertise, along with an understanding of Southway's neighbourhoods and property issues.

    Shefali Kapoor

    Parent Board Member

    Shefali is one of the newest members of the Parent Board and Head of Neighbourhoods at Manchester City Council

    Shefali has 15 years’ experience in local government, across a wide range of disciplines including project management, stakeholder and relationship management and working with communities to deliver positive change in places where they live.

    As Head of Neighbourhoods, Shefali leads a large team responsible for delivering local priorities; this includes leading the City’s place-based reform programme – working with other public sector partners to deliver sustained changes to how organisations work together to improve the lives of Manchester residents.

    Since the start of the CV-19 crisis, Shefali has led on the community response, ensuring that those Manchester residents that are the most at risk have the support that they need. She will play a part in the recovery for the city, leading the workstream in relation to residents and communities.

    Shefali also volunteers as a coach as part of the Pankhurst Centre’s Queen Bee Coaching Programme. Shefali is also on the Future of London Leaders Plus course in Greater Manchester.

  • Committee Members

    Audit and Risk Committee

    The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing the audit, risk and control frameworks, including reviewing auditor reports and liaising with auditors, and scrutinising the response of officers. It advises and guides the Parent Board.

    People and Places Committee

    The People and Places Committee is the focus for monitoring delivery of our core affordable landlord services. It sets policies and scrutinises performance. This Committee is responsible for ensuring the Trust understands the impact the landlord service has on local communities. It will receive reports and feedback directly from tenant groups and consultations.

    Remuneration Committee

    The Remuneration Committee approves the pay of the Executive Directors and organises the appraisal of the Chief Executive.

    Karlet Manning

    People and Places Committee Member

    Bio to come


    Councillor Dave Rawson

    People and Places Committee Member

    Bio to come

    Andy Ewart

    Audit & Risk Committee Member

    Andy is Director of Finance for an International Charity.

    Andy held a number of senior finance positions previously and brings a wide range of experience in governance, risk and financial management. He is a chartered accountant and holds an MBA.

    His experience of working within Social Banking and Social Enterprises offers him a grounded understanding of the importance of providing good social housing.

    Louise Griffiths

    Audit & Risk Committee Member

    Louise is a member of the Audit & Risk Committee having joined the organisation in October 2018.

    Lousie has worked for British Gas for 3 years across Management and Performance Information, Risk and Quality.

    Louise joined the Centrica Group 3 years ago following a successful career leading performance and risk at a major housing and regeneration group in the North West. With over a decade of experience within this area working across public sector and corporate organisations,

    Louise utilises extensive experience in the interpretation and analysis of complex performance and financial data to develop business insights that drive value and growth. Louise is also a Trustee of the charity Smart Works GM. Committed to customer service delivery, 

    Louise is keen to utilise her skills to make a difference to people’s lives.

    Michelle Duhaney

    People & Places Vice Chair

    Michelle is a Member of the People and Places Committee. Prior to this, she served as a Board Member from September 2013 until March 2016.

     Michelle is a Southway tenant, living in the Arrowfield Road neighbourhood. She works as a Clinical Information Analyst, and brings an ability to scrutinise the information provided to the Committee by Southway's Executive. She is committed to making sure Southway's neighbourhoods are desirable places to live, for this and future generations.

    Councillor Ben Clay

    People & Places Committee Member

    Ben is a member of the People and Places Committee. He joined Southway in September 2018.

    Ben is a Labour Councillor for Burnage, one of Southway's core areas, working on the issues and concerns of Southway tenants and other residents through casework and community engagement. Ben co founded Tenants Union UK in 2016, which campaigns to protect tenants’ rights and improve housing policy, and has policy development and scrutiny skills from his role on council committees.

    Councillor Gavin White

    People & Places Committee Member

    Gavin is a Member of the People and Places Committee. He joined Southway in September 2018.

    Gavin is a Labour Councillor for Old Moat, one of Southway’s core areas, and his engagement with residents has given him an in depth understanding of the local housing and community issues affecting our tenants. His experience in the charity sector and local government has allowed him to develop skills in governance, scrutiny and policy development. Gavin has lived in Old Moat for over 20 years and is active with local groups such as Friends of Old Moat Park, Withington Civic Society and Old Moat Primary School, who all partner with Southway Housing in the Old Moat and Withington area.

    Ursula Pabisch

    People & Places Committee Member

    Ursula is a Member of the People and Places Committee. She joined Southway in April 2016.

    Ursula is a Southway tenant living in Burnage. She is an experienced language teacher, and also spends time getting involved in her local community, for example sitting on the steering group for a local radio station. Ursula feels strongly that tenants should be involved in shaping the future of Southway and our communities. She used to be a member of our Tenant Scrutiny Panel, which enabled her to develop a good understanding of Southway's objectives and policies, and how the business is run.

    Hazel Makinson

    People & Places Committee Member

    Hazel joined the People and Places committee as a Co-optee in 2018.

    Hazel has over 14 years working in the Not for Profit sector – over 5 years of those in social housing. She brings a wealth of transformation and change experience that puts the customer at the heart of the service experience. She challenges the norm but ensures legal and regulatory requirements are met within a controlled operating environment that utilises technology.


  • Executive Group

    Our Executive Group puts the plans and strategies of the Southway Board into practice.

    Karen Mitchell

    Chief Executive

    Karen has been Chief Executive of Southway since the stock transfer in 2007, and is proud of the progress we have made in improving homes, services and opportunities in our neighbourhoods.

    As the head of an independent, community based organisation, Karen believes passionately in our vision, objectives and the Trust’s commitment to our residents and the wider community.

    Our ambitious Futures Strategy sets out an exciting future for Southway, and details how we will use the strong financial position we have created to deliver more as a housing provider. Increasing the supply of new homes, profit for purpose initiatives, and innovation in areas where we lead the way - including our work to reduce loneliness amongst older people, as part of our Age Friendly Neighbourhoods Approach, and our Green Strategy, which focuses on maintaining our beautiful green spaces – are just a few examples of how we intend to grow as an organisation and enrich the lives of members of our community.

    David Clermont

    Chief Financial Officer

    David has been Chief Financial Officer since 2015. He joined Southway in 2008 as the Head of Finance, shortly after the housing stock was transferred from Manchester City Council, overseeing the delivery of the £100 million+ stock investment programme.

    David is a Chartered Accountant, with over 30 years' experience in social housing. Previously, he worked as an auditor in practice and at the Housing Corporation, the regulator of the sector, assessing the financial viability and regulatory compliance of housing associations.

    At Southway, David maintains our strong financial position, ensuring funds are available to finance future development projects, and preparing annual Business Plans and Budgets which assess the strategic priorities and the financial risks the organisation faces.

    David also has responsibility for Southway's Value for Money Strategy, in addition to continuing to deliver financial results and levels of community investment which see Southway well-placed in a range of sector benchmarks and VFM metrics.

    Jane Gant

    Strategic Director - People & Places

    Jane brings more than 25 years' experience working in housing to her role as Strategic Director of People and Places. She is currently responsible for the Landlord and Community Services at Southway.

    Jane has a real passion for South Manchester and the people who live there, and is committed to delivering excellent services.

    Matt Roberts

    Strategic Director – Property and Development

    Matt has been Strategic Director of Property and Development since December 2017, and has worked in Social Housing Asset Management for over 25 years, delivering many significant development and improvement programmes throughout his career.

    Matt firmly believes in the benefits that investing can have in maximising the social value of our properties and how, in turn, this can positively impact the lives of our residents and the local environment.

    As Strategic Director, Matt is keen to build upon our existing development strategy by increasing the supply of new affordable homes and developing new sources of income, all whilst continuing to provide affordable homes and excellent services to those who need them most.

    Matthew Maouati

    Head of Governance & Performance

    Matthew has worked for Southway since the stock transfer in 2007. His remit includes managing the schedule and meetings for Southway's Board and Committee members, Data Protection, and Performance and Risk Management.

    Prior to joining the Executive Team, Matthew spent a number of years working in the Housing Management Services. He is passionate about our communities, committed to ensuring that Southway delivers a quality service, and always seeking out new and innovative approaches for Southway to advance and improve.


  • Other Groups

    Click here for Tenant Scrutiny Panel and Resident Consultative Group information.


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