Complaints Service Improvement Group (SIG)

Tenants in this group meet every quarter to look at a selection of complaints which have been received and dealt with by Southway. Members of the group comment on whether the complaints have been dealt with effectively and within the target timescale. They also make comments on whether we could have done something to prevent the complaint in the first place and Southway learns lessons from this.

Green Inspectors

This is an opportunity to help monitor the quality and appearance of our public green spaces. The role will consist of inspecting local green spaces that are of importance to you that belong to Southway Housing Trust, to ensure that we are maintaining them to the highest possible standard. Training and inspection sheets will be provided. For more information please contact us.

Tenants and Residents Groups

These groups are formed by local people with support from Southway’s Customer Involvement Team. The groups are open to anyone living within the areas they cover. Some groups focus on just housing issues while others get involved in wider community issues such as traffic calming. A number of groups also arrange social events and build a great community spirit. Southway can provide financial support to help the group run. If you are interested in setting up a group for your area please get in touch. These groups already exist. Let us know if you would like to get in touch with any of them:

  • Arrowfield & Houghend Community Action Group
  • Barlow Hall Neighbourhood Group
  • Burnage North Tenants & Residents Group
  • East Didsbury Community Group
  • West Didsbury Estate Community Group
  • Merseybank Estate Group

Community Groups

Here are just some of the Community Groups in the area (external links):