• Southway Board and Committees

    Board and Committee Members are volunteers. Appointments are skills-based, within a constituency-based membership framework. Our Board and Committees set wider aims and objectives and makes sure our staff meet the standard of service. Find out more about our Board and Committees by clicking here.

  • Tenant Scrutiny Panel

    The Scrutiny Panel takes an in depth look at the way Southway does things to make sure that tenants receive effective and efficient services. A high level of time and commitment is required. Training, support, refreshments and any out of pocket expenses are provided.

    • What do they do?
      The Scrutiny Panel takes an in depth look at the way Southway does things to make sure that tenants receive effective and efficient services. A high level of time and commitment is required. Training, support, refreshments and any out of pocket expenses are provided.
      The first exercise the Panel carried out was to determine if Southway had delivered on the five year promises it made to tenants at the point of transfer back in 2007. The review was completed in October 2012.
      The Panel has since completed another five reviews; Complaints, Out of Hours Repairs, Concessionary Services, Anti Social Behaviour and Rent Collection and Communication. A review of Voids will commence in the summer of 2017.
      The purpose of scrutiny is to look at how Southway delivers its services and how much it costs. The Panel then reaches its conclusions and makes recommendations to Southway’s People and Places Committee to ensure that tenants receive the best and most efficient services possible. There is a fair amount of commitment involved and the Panel tend to meet every fortnight while carrying out a review.   


    • Meet the Panel

      Jim Hutton - Chair

      I have been a tenant in Chorlton for the last four years.  I sit on Southway’s external complaints panel (Independent Tenant Solutions) and the Complaints Service Improvement Group (SIG).  I have a particular interest in the environment and also attend the Environment SIG.  Being a panel member can be challenging at times but I find it extremely rewarding.


      Liam Murphy - Deputy Chair

      I have lived in my current home all my life and have been the tenant for seven years.  I was the first member of Southway’s Timebank to exchange hours.  I have served on the Southway Board and I’m a member of the Residents Consultative Group.  As a member of the Scrutiny Panel I feel I am contributing to a very influential group and making a difference for both tenants and Southway as an organisation. 


      Ruth Emmerson

      I have lived in Burnage since 1972.  I was a committee member of the local tenant group for many years before it disbanded and enjoyed being involved in the community.  I have worked on a voluntary basis for many years and helped with the Olympic Games in Manchester in 2012.  I thoroughly enjoy the scrutiny work and reviewing Southway services.  Working with my tenant colleagues is rewarding.


      Jean Holt

      I have lived in Didsbury for 55 years and love being part of a great neighbourhood.  I am a committee member of our local community group and enjoy helping to organise and run fundraising activities while also creating a community spirit.  I enjoy scrutiny and have learnt new skills and met some lovely people.


      Jenefer Wilson

      I have been a tenant in Old Moat for 31 years and I am an Age Friendly Champion.  I enjoy attending meetings to influence decisions and especially enjoy being a Scrutiny Panel member and seeing the changes we make for all tenants.


      Rose Johnson
      I have been a resident of Manchester for 39 years and was a foster carer for 19 years.  I thoroughly enjoyed that role and when I retired from it I wanted something new and challenging to get my teeth into.  I knew about the Scrutiny Panel so attended a couple of meetings to observe, and I’m now a member of the group!  I find it both interesting and rewarding.
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  • Resident Consultative Group

    The Consultative Group is made up of tenant group representatives, 2 leaseholders, two owner-occupiers, tenants and Southway staff. The group meets every six weeks to discuss policies and current issues. It influences decisions and helps to shape services.  

    If you are interested in joining please CONTACT US.