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Your environment

Recognising and promoting the importance of the environment in which residents live is at the heart of Southway Housing Trust’s investment in neighbourhoods. The quality of open spaces near to where people live can impact significantly on how places are perceived and are valued locally, as well as affect the value of people’s homes.

Well designed and well managed urban oases are safe for people to access and enjoy. They can be used for play, recreation, socialising and relaxing. They can also provide environments which enhance biodiversity and support climate adaptation. Positive uses of open space bring people together, build stronger communities and contribute to a healthier society.

There is increasing recognition that good quality landscapes provide important opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy their local environment.
Our local green spaces are effective ‘oases’ for promoting healthy lifestyles, enhancing community cohesion and tackling inequality. They can provide volunteering and employment opportunities, encourage civic action and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Neighbourhoods are the place where some people spend most of their daily lives and can be the main source of relationships. Access to, use of and engagement in green space in their neighbourhood can contribute to people’s levels of satisfaction and sense of community.

The benefits of neighbourhood green spaces can start with a view from a house to a green space, which might contain shrubs, flowers, trees or woodlands. Such views have been shown to have a positive impact on neighbourhood satisfaction. Pleasant views have been found to have a positive influence on children’s levels of self-discipline, in particular for girls. In addition, views to nature have proved to reduce residents’ concerns about density which can be experienced as noisy and overcrowded, negatively influencing resident satisfaction.

We have a small team of staff dedicated to ensuring that our green spaces are well maintained, who continue to improve and who run a range of activities across the year that are free for people to attend. We work hard to ensure that we provide high quality green spaces for people to access and engage with.

We also ask that as tenants and residents; to please respect these areas by taking your litter home, picking up after your dog, not driving or parking on our green spaces or using them for any form of storage. 

We are eager to work with people to improve their green spaces. If this is something that you are interested in please contact our Environment Team on 0161 448 4200.

Our Aspirations to improve our neighbourhood greens:
Commit to quality
Make a commitment to good quality green and open spaces at the highest level possible within Southway Housing Trust.

Involve residents
Encourage local residents of all ages to play an active role in deciding what the open spaces should be like, how they should be used and how they should be looked after.

Know the bigger picture
Take a strategic approach when planning and improving open spaces. Understand ownership.

Maintain High standards
Ensure that maintenance and long term care of green spaces are treated as essential.

Make places feel safe
Improve that character and design of places to change user behaviour and improve personal safety.

Promote healthy living
Encourage people to be more active by providing attractive and well maintained open spaces with a programme of lead activates through out the year.

Prepare for climate change
Provide increased protection for residents against flooding and heat waves through urban greening programmes.