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Southway have teamed up with Global Heat Source to offer free solar panels to our residents. Solar panels use daylight to create free daytime electricity, which can then be used in your home.
Tenants in homes which receive solar panels will save money on their electricity bill: estimated to be between £130 and £260 per year on an average installation!

Solar panels also help to reduce carbon emissions, which are the cause of climate change. So it’s good for the environment as well as your finances.
We have carefully selected homes which are eligible. To benefit from the panels, homes need to have a large enough roof space, which is south facing, and has little shading. We have send out an initial letter to tenants in selected homes. Don't worry if you haven't received one – we are sending these out area by area to make the installation process run smoothly so you might receive yours in the near future.
If you would like to have solar panels installed or have any questions about the installation process please contact Global Heat Source directly to arrange a date for a survey and subsequently the installation. 
Call:            0800 8521247 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

Via email please include: 
Name and phone no
Address and postcode 
Below we have compiled detailed information regarding the installation process, how solar panels work and questions about your tenancy variation agreement and right to buy. Please check these first. If you have questions about the tenancy variation agreement or right to buy issues please call Southway Connect on 0161 448 4200. 
For any other questions please contact Global Heat Source directly


General FAQs

Tenancy Variation Agreement FAQs

Right to Buy FAQs

Leaseholder FAQs

Other information and guides:

Solar Panels - What they are and how they work

Initial letter to tenants

Tenancy Variation Agreement

Programme of Works

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