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Southway Housing Trust adopts a reasonable and fair approach to dealing with untidy gardens. We will offer support through the concessionary gardening service to eligible residents who cannot look after their own gardens. However we will take the necessary enforcement action against residents who do not maintain their garden, including legal action, where appropriate.
Such topics that would fall under this section are as follows:

  • Unkempt and overgrown vegetation
  • Unauthorised alterations, e.g. car hard standings and removal of hedgerows
  • Inappropriate storage materials causing nuisance, e.g. car parts, furniture, white goods
  • Not cleaning up after pets

At Southway Housing, we are very proud of all the greenery with in our neighbourhoods and each year run the annual gardening competition. (This needs to be a link to the gardening comp section we need to add).  We understand how important all our domestic gardens are and offer a significant component of our urban landscape.
Domestic gardens are the equivalent of an air-conditioning system for our cities. Urbangarden plants and trees help cool the air in our towns and cities, combating dangerous temperatures caused by urban heat waves. Trees and hedges can bring heating costs and energy consumption down in winter by providing shelter and insulation
Urban gardens help keep our cities ‘above water’. Garden plants and trees intercept intense rain, slowing runoff and so reducing the pressure on urban drains. Unlike hard surfaces, the soil in gardens naturally absorbs rainwater, reducing the risk of flooding in our towns and cities
Domestic gardens are among Britain’s key nature reserves. Urban domestic gardens of all sizes support a substantial range of wildlife. Some animal species are now more common in cities, particularly domestic gardens, than in rural areas
Domestic gardens are a ‘public health service’ for our cities. Gardening eases stress and improves psychological wellbeing. Gardening encourages sustained exercise and promotes physical health.
If you follow us on twitter, keep your eyes open for our monthly garden tasks and updates on gardening and more.

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