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Environmental Work

A well-cared-for estate gives people a pride in their area and encourages new tenants to move there.

You can help by keeping your garden, or any space around your home, tidy - we'll do our part by caring for your estate as a whole.

(Had environmental improvment work carried out within the last 2 years? Please take our survey);

Environmental Management

Our Neighbourhood Services Officers spend most of their day out on estates talking to local people, watching out for problems and putting things right quickly. They do look out for things like broken lights, damaged fences or empty homes - and report the problems back to the right people to get things sorted out quickly. It is possible that hidden problems or issues that might not be immediately apparent can be missed, you can help us by letting us know if there's a local problem we should be putting right.

Environmental problems?

Spotted an environmental eyesore down your street? Report environmental problem.

Environmental Improvements

As well as improving every home, the transfer from the City Council to Southway in 2007 meant an extra £10.5 million for massive environmental improvements.  The priorities for this investment were set by Southway residents at Voice Panel events and through the Status Survey. Proposals were developed into key themes, you can click on each theme to bring up more information:

The cul de sac improvements started in August 2011. Works to passageways, bungalow sites and landlocked areas has been packaged together for each Local Offer Area. The west Local Offer Area contract for sites in Chorlton Park and West Didsbury started in June 2012, as did the East Local Offer Area package for Burnage and East Didsbury. The Central Local Offer Area package for Old Moat and Withington started in August 2012 as did the Arrowfield Road Estate environmental Improvements.

Green space improvements and Extended Parking schemes will be completed through the Autumn and Winter of 2012/13 completing the whole programme by March 2013.

How to get involved

Your opinions are important to us and over the coming months we want as many of you as possible to have a say about the various plans. Look out for the ongoing consultation information being provided by Groundwork and Urban Vision. You can also get involved directly through your local tenants association, or by contacting Southway direct. You can also get in touch through the Service Improvement Group, please contact Maureen or Tina for more information.