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Age-friendly Southway

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Southway has a strong commitment to working with our tenants, residents and other partners to deliver excellent services and to improve quality of life for people within our neighbourhoods. Southway has a particular focus on older people with 43% of households containing one person over the age of 65.

In May 2012 Southway adopted an Age-friendly Strategy which sets out the priority actions we intend to take, with partners, to meet the needs and improve the quality of life of older people.

Age-Friendly Pilot Project - Old Moat & Withington

Manchester is the first UK city to be accepted into the World Health Organisations (WHO) Global Network of Age-friendly Cities in recognition of the work carried out by the Valuing Older People (VOP) Partnership. The WHO's Global Age-friendly Cities: A Guide is divided into eight key themes. More information can be found on the WHO Website.

The partnersh
ip between Manchester City Council and Southway aims to work together to contribute to the overall objective of making Manchester a leading Age-friendly City.

In May 2012 the Old Moat Age-friendly Research began. The project, which was commissioned by Southway Housing Trust and supported by VOP, aimed to address the environmental and social factors that contribute to active and healthy ageing in communities such as Old Moat. The research was undertaken by the University of Manchester, Manchester School of Architecture and Leech Rhodes Walker Architects.

The Old Moat: Age-friendly Neighbourhood Report and Action Plan was formally launched at an event on 30th May 2013 held locally at St Christopher's Church. It was well attended by local residents and a variety of agencies involved in the delivery of services in the area.

The Old Moat: Age-friendly Research and Evaluation Toolkit brings together the methods and resources which were used in the research project. It is designed to be a useful tool for anyone wanting to replicate similar activities in other communities, or at a later date to evaluate improvements.

If you would like to get involved and find out more about this project please contact the Age Friendly Team on 0161 448 4200.