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22 Oct 2014

Get a money saving prescription from the Energy Doctor

With recent price increases from energy, it is more important than ever to be trying to reduce energy usage and bills. Southway Housing provides free, independent home energy advice to help tenants to reduce your energy bills this winter. The Energy Doctor is able to:

  • Visit your home and carry out a free home energy survey
  • Give you lots of tips and advice on how you can save energy and money
  • Supply and install a free energy monitor, so you can see where you are using the most electricity
  • Help you search for the cheapest deal on your gas and electricity
Many tenants have really benefitted by saving energy and money – including Amanda Shelton who has lived in her house in Chorlton for 18 years with her two teenage children. She was keen to have an Energy Doctor appointment because her steadily increasing energy bills were becoming a real worry.
Amanda Shelton’s solution to rising energy bills used to be to simply put another cardigan on and keep the heating off for fear of running up debts. She found the Energy Doctor session very useful, learning new energy saving methods and Amanda is now saving around £100 per year by making simple changes.
Mrs Shelton “It was enlightening to learn new things, and I’ve been telling everybody I know how to save money on their bills!”
If you want to book appointment now contact Dorian Whittle, Home Energy Advisor, 0161 448 4200 or e-mail
Tenant’s favourite tips;
  • Only put as much water in the kettle as you need rather than filling it to the top every time. This saves £49 per year
  • Using her heating thermostat and turning the heat off in rooms not in use
  • Take a shower at the gym where possible
  • Use a 3-tier vegetable steamer instead of 3 separate gas rings