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Big changes to rent from April 3rd


10 Feb 2017

To help us deal with your calls more effectively, from April 3rd you will no longer be able to telephone us to pay your rent.

The main reason for this is to reduce the number of calls to our Customer Hub so that we can deal more quickly with other enquiries, such as requests for essential repairs and appeals for support.
In the STAR survey you told us that the speed of answer within the Hub was your biggest issue with communicating with us. We have limited resources in the Hub and demand on this service is extremely high; without taking rent payments, we can improve on this waiting time.
It also costs a lot of money to take rent payments over the phone and we believe we could put this money to better use. As a non-profit organisation, any ‘profit’ made above our basic running costs is used to build new homes (to address the housing crisis across Manchester) as well as to make our communities even better places to live.
There are lots of ways to pay your rent that are both easier and more cost-effective to you and to Southway, and we will happily guide everyone on how to use them.
We recommend Direct Debit
The best way to pay rent is by Direct Debit as it’s free, convenient, automatic and safe. Virtually all basic bank accounts now offer Direct Debits and since January 2016, contrary to what many think, none of them carry a fee if the Direct Debit fails.
Now is also an ideal time to set up a Direct Debit as everyone paying rent by Direct Debit will be entered into the March Rewards Draw and could win some great electronic gadgets including tablets, televisions and Xbox Ones.
Rent payment line
The automated rent payment line is still available for you to use. The most cost-effective way to pay this way is by dialling the Customer Hub number and selecting the RENT option, and then you will be prompted to PRESS 1 to make a payment. This way all you will pay is the local call rate for phoning Southway.
If you phone the rent payment number directly it can cost as much as 50p per minute from mobiles and 30p per minute from landlines.
For more other ways to pay to suit every need, see the new Paying your Rent guide.