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Meet the Board

 Tenant board members

Samantha Macwilliam - Vice Chair of the Board

I have lived in Manchester all my life. My first home was in Hulme and my secondary school was here in Chorlton. My first council home in my name was in Blackley and I have lived here in Chorlton since 2001, altogether I have 19 years tenancy. I have experience in many areas of housing; from helping my elderly grandparents stay in their own home, to being a lone parent and dealing with Housing and Council Tax Benefits. I have a love of nature from wildflowers, to growing vegetables and I am extremely lucky to live near Chorlton Eees Nature Reserve and the River Mersey. It is my life experiences that caused me to apply for the Board, I hope to help ensure that our varying needs as tenants can be met, that our housing is of a good standard and that we the tenants are fully represented. 
Deborah Davies 
I applied to be a Tenant Board Member because I care about safety and cleanliness in our community, about those of us struggling to manage to cope with Welfare Reforms, about our young people and the issues they face, and  about keeping social housing affordable for all. As Tenants, we have benefited greatly from the support we have had from Southway in these difficult times.
As a Tenant Board Member I hope to continue to raise awareness of the issues many Tenants face, particularly those of us caring for disabled children and older relatives at home. and to work with the Board to develop and continue to support, the positive changes that Southway are making for all of our community.

Memuna-Bangura2.jpg Memuna Bangura 
 Memuna appointed as a tenant Board member at the  
 AGM in September 2013. Memuna lived in London most
 of her life but moved to Manchester and fell in love with
 Chorlton. Memuna is joining the board with a wealth of
 knowledge in different areas of the Law. Memuna is an
 LLB Law holder and has passion in advising people, she spends her spare time by volunteering in the community.
Memuna hopes that she can use her skills and experience in representing tenants in decisions that will affect their well being and give them peace of mind.

Michelle-Duhaney2.jpg Michelle Duhaney
 I have lived in Chorlton for many years and decided to
 become a tenant board member due to my interest in
 social housing. I currently work for Central Manchester
 Foundation Trust NHS and have much experience in 
 analysing performance data which is required for my
 role. In addition to being a board member I am also on the performance and resource committee. Through my background knowledge and work experiences I believe I will be able to positively contribute to Southway’s vision for the Trust and decision making which impacts on tenants
Local Authority Board Members
Councillor Joanna Midgley
Councillor Midgley was elected to represent Chorlton Park Ward in 2012 and joined Southway's Board shortly after.  She also sits on the Audit & Risk Committee.  Prior to becoming a Local Councillor she worked for five years for Manchester Housing in supporting housing for homeless women and young people and is now teaching phychology at a Sixth Form College.  She supports local Residents and Community Groups in the Chorlton Park area and is keen to use her position on the Board to make a positive difference to all tenants, particulary those affected by the recent Welfare Reforms.
Jane Archer
Jane has worked in regeneration since 2002 and before that she worked in housing for 14 years, first with the Housing Corporation and then with two housing associations. Currently Manchester City Council's Regeneration Co-ordinator for the South Manchester Strategic Regeneration Framework area, Jane is interested in improving the lives of Southway's residents not just in their homes but also by improving their neighbourhoods, their skills levels and their job prospects.
Councillor Jeff Smith
Councillor Smith has represented the Old Moat ward since 1997. His areas of interest and responsibility on the Council include Children's Services, Licensing and Finance. He is a governor of Old Moat and Mauldeth Primary Schools and Parrs Wood High School. He is active in supporting local community groups in the Old Moat area. Jeff has a background in event management and as a nightclub DJ .
Councillor Bev  Craig
Councillor Bev Craig is a Local Authority Board Member
appointed at the AGM on the 20th September 2011. She is a Labour Party Councillor for the Burnage ward and will sit on the Audit and Risk Committee as well as the Southway Housing Trust Board. 
Independent Board Members
 Emma Richman - Chair of the Board
Emma has worked in not-for-profit housing since 1997. She is currently Director of Assets for a large housing organisation. She has a BSc in architecture, planning and environment studies and a BSc in building surveying. Emma brings extensive knowledge of housing investment and regeneration.
 John Gallagher - Chair of Audit & Risk Committee
John is now retired, having worked for over forty years in the National Health Service. Over half of his career has been spent at various hospitals in South Manchester culminating in the post of Director of Estates and Facilities at The Christie Hospital. John has extensive experience in the management of Estates including the implementation of major and minor capital developments.
Iain Leviston - Chair of Performance & Resources Committee
Iain lives in Withington and is a qualified accountant who has worked for a large multi-national accountancy firm since 2000.  He currently acts as an audit manager across a range of clients within the the public sector including a number of social housing organisations, and has also undertaken a number of advisory projects within the sector.
 Roger Spencer
 Roger is Chief Operating Officer at The Christie  Foundation Trust in Withington, a position he hasheld      
 for over six years and has extensive experience of   
 working on large capital projects, as well as being 
 ultimately responsible for the management of an  
 operational budget of £150million.  Roger's skills and
 experience greatly assist the Board make informed 
 decisions about the acquisition and development of new properties and help to guide Southway through the financial challenges that lie ahead, as well as providing strategic acumen.
All board members have signed a Declaration of Interest and Code of Conduct form